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Making A Dune Game For Spore


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Well i was just playing spore galactic adventures today i started creating some stuff in it and now just thinking of creating a dune adventure in it...

And just got a few stuff in it...

And if any of you guys have spore galactic adventures i might post the game for you if you want...

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I've Spore Galactic Adventures but on Win8 all planets are named "BAD_DATA"... I don't know why, but on Win7 all worked -.- In Spore I created a Devastator when I played the game first time ^^



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can you pass me the devastator???

pm me the png....

i've got a few stuff in mine like trike, quad, combat tank, missile tank, seige tank and was building sonic tank before I shut my pc....

i've also made a few buildings like con yard...

unfortunately the game isn't taking any photo now or I would've posted a pic here...

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Yeah, but I need to make a new one, 'cause as I said "Spore on Win7 worked without problems and I created the Devastator when I played the game my first time"... Now I've a new computer with Win8 and problems with Spore and I deleted everything on my old one... :// But yet, I've no time for this xD I want to finish my Dune 2000 Mod and make Walkthroughs from the Ixian, Mercenary and Smugglers Campaign and later "The Hard Day" and the new "Emperor Mod" and aftert them the new Atreides Campaign... Next to them I make Walkthroughs from Need for Speed, starting with Underground... But I've some problems to record this ^^



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