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Sim City 5


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Well, I knew that EA games did some crappy stuff. And that a lot of players left them because they simply couldn't play multi player after 2 years.


Personal experiences:

- With dune 2000, I was one of the first, but no online play since EA doesn't support in the Netherlands, at least not the region where I live.

- That's also the reason why I only buy cheap games. €5 for a C&C3 original. Since I can't play them online.

- With my Renegade, 5 years after it got out I bought it due to boredom and my cousin seemed to like it, so 3 years no online play. Lesson learned. Luckily it only costed me €7,50



Any way. I follow Dragon Ball Z Abridged. And the voice overs of Vegeta and Nappa play games. They brought me this attention:




Well, ain't that a broken glass bottle up y...s. The latest sim city costs a lot of money. And you can't even play it. EA  is failing humanity.


A message to EA-Games:

Blizzard still supports Warcraft 2 multi player!!!




Even unknown programmers out there have better servers.

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Blizzard is a master of PR and advertising :) You cannot compare. Blizzard understood that keeping old games alive will keep platyers come to them and MAYBE buy the new games. Keeping up servers for Diablo 1 and Warcraft 2 is almost free but the possible income is BIG! EA invested a lot in many games and it's just industry. It keeps poping them out like hamburgers. Blizzard has 3 (three) themes and only 8 titles on its portfolio (that I know of). EA has hundreds. It's a classical story of quantity vs. quality. Compare EA with CCP (the guys who made EVE). One MMORPG , one title, but it's an amazing game.


I'd like to see Blizzard or Bethesda aquire more games and work on them just as they work on their own titles...


PS: thatks Bethesda for Fallout 3 :)

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Yeah, Blizzard could start 1 new theme. And I am sure they would do an awesome job again.

But what would that theme be? It has to fit their tastes.


Limitless free online play, that's the success of any company. Or at least that you can join each others game by IP. That's something EA games fails at too.


Even Unreal Tournament 99 still works with a master server. That server is now 14 years old. Not to mention Warcraft 2 :D.

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Blizzard goes for replayability (not sure that's a word itself but wtf?). And they make it by randomly generating levels. They create a setting and give you ingredients that you combine your way and then the game adds a whole supralevel of randomness so even if you're playing the same game with the same people you'll never be playing the same conditions ever. While most companies go for a simple solution: you get a combination of units and you clean up the map, Blizzard goes for the unexpected. Oh yeah, you got a level 70 Paladin with kick-ass abilities and items. But you can be defeated by someone who is focused on your weak spots or simply is immune to your attack.


EA fails because they're a corporate industry that has to spit out game after game to keep the stockholders happy with revenue while Blizzard spends time on CONCEPTS and BALANCING the games. Blizzard is creative industry. Valve too, Bethesda too...

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What did Valve make?


If it comes to quality with EA games, I could name 1; C&C3. They had help from someone who worked for Blizzard :D.


Blizzard allows people to edit and simply play their maps online. Well, I stopped editing, after WC3 since it got to complicated.

But I created C&C maps with my own triggers. The opponent was less predictable, thus stronger. That was fun.


But in that time, C&C was from Westwood.

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Tiberian Sun with Firestorm was the last one in the C&C series.


But surprisingly, Emperor Battle for Dune was the last one in the Dune series. It was still Westwood as well. Or this is a mistake on the Wiki page.

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But why? If the game doesn't work? If it is going to be taken off-line after 2 years?


But then again, for WOW you have to pay $15? a month?


For the 4 new maps, and some several other things, in call of duty black ops 2. You have to pay €15.

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