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my dune 2 on windows 7 error


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i've played dune 2 before when i had win xp... but when i try playing it in windows 7 it shows me an error tht 'fullscreen is not supported' and dont show the game at all...

any idea why this happens... i want to play it again...

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I've seen that before, yes. I think starting from windows Vista, full screen DOS mode isn't supported anymore. You can't switch a normal console window to fullscreen like you can in XP, either.

I suggest using DOSBox, or playing Dynasty instead.

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Ah, quite frankly I'm not that well versed in 64-bit issues. I've read the "dropped the 16-bit support" explanation in the RGB Classic Games Forums I think, several times, and the admin there is more tech savvy than I am, so I assumed it was kind of the case.

Then again, maybe I misunderstood something, or didn't pay attention :-\

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