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i need help

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It has some kind of graphic card obviously - integrated or whatever - but it has some - otherwise you would see nothing on screen :P .

But I don't get what's ur problem with running your presentation on it? I mean u didn't mention ur problem... I presume your presentation is in ppt? What's ur problem with it?

And finally if it can't work no matter what - u can get a usb flash drive and copy ur presentation on it and use some other pc (I don't know where this presenttion will take place and what they have there so it's up to u to chekc it).

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Well - it's up to you - if it can't run - it just can't - so u rally don't have a choice - meaning "need animation... makes it more interesting..." doesn't make sense if u can't present the thing at all.

U can use html for a presentation - u can have all kind of shit on a web page - animation, text, scripts etc.

Another thing u can do is make the presentation for flash player.

I really don't know though where you will present this thing and I don't know what it's about - so it would be helpful if u explained a bit more.

What I understood is: "My pc is bad and can't run power point but I want to do a presentation. What do I do?"

So I replied that u can use some other application, but still I don't know what this is about. Is it a presentation for school? Do they have some requirements - like the presentation being on ppt?

And why do u have to do the presentation on your laptop - if they asked for a presentation I'd presume they have a PC there and a projector?

And I really don't think a presentation is about the animations in it - I mean a presentation is made to present something (usually without too much text - just for getting acquainted with the matter)

I don't remember animations being mandatory... u should try to make the presentation entertaining but that doesn't mean it needs to have animations - images are more way provocative some time - a good idea would be to include some kind of humor, a lot of images and all kinds of things that would make it easier for understanding (still if ur presentation is on solar evolution, quantum physics, analytical geometry etc - of course it can't be too easy - but still it can be made entertaining).

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