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Our Starcraft MOD


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Over the past week i've been checking out Starcraft from MOD point of view and it does show much promise.

Now before i get flamed for suggesting a mod of such a old game just head over to www.campaigncreations.com.

i'm finishing a broodwar desert map now that really shows off the imense possibilities of SC's AI. For example -> by using the triggers it is possible to have a terran campaign insane comp player that builds a massive base and churns out huge forces, but as soon as he has a sertain number of units they are given to an ally comp player with AI junkyard dog and after that AI terran campaign with medic is given the base for a while. There are ofcourse many custom made AI's available and you can create your own.

It really is great fun playing a multi in which both you and your human opponent are backed up by competent computer allies.

To get an idea of what can be done with the game check out http://dominion.campaigncreations.com/redalert.html

It is a shame that there arn't a Dune mod for Starcraft yet, given that there are mods for all manner of lesser SF.

So once again -> is there anyone interested in helping with the making of a mod for the most modable RTS game of all time?

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i downloaded a dune rpg-like starcraft map and i hate to admit it but altough this game may be ideal for modding -> it just doesn't look profesional anymore(biting fist).

There is ofcourse the Lucas arts game built on the old Age of Kings engine. i'd buy that one if someone here felt it'd be worth starting a modding group for?

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