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Ordos new campaing (with allies)


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Ok, i started yesterday the new campaing made by a member of the forum that every house can have allies during the game.

I passed easy the first missions with the Harkonnes as opposite and I am at the first mission where Atreides are enemies and I have to collect 15000 solaris in order to win the mission and pay the dept to Ixians (something reminds me that ...)

I've tried as quiqkly as possible to build as many light infantry and troopers, have 2-3 harvesters from the beginning in order to keep the spice mining flow and order heavy units from the starport for defence against heavier units. But the attacks get stronger and stronger so I can't build enough units. I've tried different tacticts as to build first the barracks and train more infantry or build the refinery at the bottom of the base and protect it from first attacks but I'ven't see no or little progress .

I also tried many times to send mix infantry to the rock area in front of the starport and protect them with siege and battle tanks and other units but the attacks keep coming increasingly.

Any help?

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Yeap, I am talking about sandworms new campaign. Finally I manage to pass the map with a lot of try and experimentation.

First of all when you receive the construction yard order from the starport 1 harvester and 1 caryall. This will speed up the spicing process.

After the construction of the refinery under the winds traps immediately build a light factory and upgrade it as soon as possible. Build some vehicles(mix raider with quad for better results) and after that build barracks and keep training soldiers all the time even if Atreides are not attacking (they will come later with great number of infantry). Keep in mind that Barracks must be built close to the starport in order to be close to the other units and some groups of infantry must be at the rocky area where the tanks cannot pass over.

When there are enough units for basic defense try to build a second refinery close to the other and order further units from the starport.

If someone is quick enough will be able to hold the massive attack of Atreides

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I use the same tactic when fighting against swarms of enemies, and this tactic is: "Economy is key". Mission 7 and 9 from my new atreides campaign are also good to practice ur surviving skills, presuming u play it on hard. I did find some tactics which really help u in any situation playing these two missions. Also, NEVER underestimate infantry.

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Ok I am now in the final mission of Ordos against Atreides and Emperor. I have my ally with the Starport that they receive reinforcements .

The problem is that I can't build up my base as attacks keep coming all the time. I tried the following tactics with no or minimum results:

1) After building refinery I build barracks upgrade them and train an engineer to take the starport and order 1 caryall and 1 harvester.

The problem with this tactit is that I don't have much money to build enough defences (such as turrets) or units and my ally does not take any reinforcements so he can't defend. One other problem is that enemy units attacking harvesters and I've got only a few units for protection

2)build barracks first and later refinery in order to train enough units for defence. the problem again with this tactic is that when the Atreides send siege tanks the infantry have large losses. I've also tried to build the Barracks above the starport for better protection but haven't see better results.

3) Build the refinery above the constraction yard for better protection of the harvester from my units and the ally but without a caryall the harvester has to travel longer distances. If I build the refinery closer to the sand, several units keep attacking and the ally will not protect any unit or building.

4) Build turrets and small units of infantry close to protect the turrets agaist infantry attacks. This is by far the best tactic but I don't have enough sollaris for new units. Again when I build a second harvester I keep loosing it from worm or enemy attacks.

Can anyone give any help of how passing this map?

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