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Dune mod for Mount&Blade Warband (tryout)


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Pyon desert communal dwelling:








It's not yet ready, I still have work to do on the exterior and then also a lot of work on the interior, but that will consist of a different scene. I want to add more detail to the texture, more ornaments, cracks, fallen plaster, etc. And redo the entrance, it looks too much like an igloo.


That will have to wait though because I have to do some reviewing of some projects in order to have them ready for an examination this autumn. That basically means re-drafting them. Hopefully it won't take too long (no more than a month).

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Some stuff I did but I forgot to brag about show off uplodad: some new map flags with transparency:


Harkonnen map flag



Fremen map flag




Also I repaired the damaged links to some of the screenshots.

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The orange tint didn't turn out too well so I went for the brown-ish one. I wanted to change the mountain texture for a long time and I ended up altering all three main textures I'm using right now. I'll sure try more textures in the future but for now I have no idea how to put exactly that kind of orange tint on the texture AND still make it look natural.

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You have to try with small changes on the textures and stop where it looks way out. Also I noticed that it is morning. So instead of playing ith the textures, you could experiment with the color and the position of the lights you use. 'Sun' could be warmer in morning and sunset to give an orange tint. Maybe a soft orange 'ambient' light instead of white. Sorry I am not so familiar with 3D graphics programs and maybe my technical terms are a bit wrong but I hope you understand what I mean.

Check NASA's photos of Mars to get an idea. No blue sky there. Rocks are gray like here on earth but the sand and the atmosphere play their tricks. If you succeed to shift the hue a bit from the yellow of the images of Mars to orange you will have an atmosperic render of Arrakis! ;-)

Here are some, starting with 'PACMAN' on MARS: LOL!




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I know what you mean. It's mostly the light shaders used for the world map and/or each small scene. The problem is I never managed to modify those. I tried in vain to set the night light in order to make those "red nights" from Dune 1 but so far I didn't manage to fix it. I'll keep trying of course ;)


I also need to make a skydome texture with the Arrakis sky but my skills are not so good for that :D eventually it'll get done, don't worry.

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Red night sky WIP


I need to get rid of the stretch marks around the horizon and lower the moons a bit as well as dimming their lightness. I worked a lot on how the surface of those moons looks like so I want it to be seen :D

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Looking better. Sun and moon look very big. Hmm, shouldn't moon's dark regions have a slight red hue to fit with the sky? And IMO do not make such a big difference between day and night. either reduce red in night or add more in day-but not too much-sun gives more light so you have less saturation.


Here is an image about what I was saying about the moon saturation:



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Yeah, I wanted the moons to be big so people could see the fist and the mouse... though even so they're not very visible. The red hue for the moons is doable, just some photoshop adjustment here and there. The sun size is hardcoded, or anyway, I didn't find where to change that ... yet.


For the day sky I went for a more scientific approach. I remember the books saying that the sky was dull and "silver" due to lack of water. So I tried to make a grey-ish sky with a dusty horizon and a bit of blue tint on the zenith - there is "some" humidity, and the whole story takes place near the north pole where there is a bit more humidity than the rest of the planet. Also there is (close to) no clouds on Arrakis so instead of a cloudy sky I made a dusty one, more realistic in case of winds (dust getting all risen and stuff). The clear and dusty dar skies might need a bit of warming up the color though...


On the other hand there is different color schemes on every monitor and the game's engine renders stuff a bit differently from what I do in PS. So it will take some time before all is correctly set up.

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Not any problem here. For sure either your ISP is blocking you or your PC is infected. Can you connect to nasa.gov? If yes then go to more stories and check above link under "If We Landed on Europa, What Would We Want to Know?" Also try to connect with TOR browser: http://www.torproject.org

Anyway here it goes:


And a higher resolution image:



And an EVEN higher resolution image!:


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