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EBFD The Revival Project Shut Down


EBFD The Revival Project  

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  1. 1. Is it worth it? Should I continue working on it?

    • No, don't even bother.. your wasting your time!
    • Yes! don't give it up!

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So ... I am seeing that the game is DEAD definitely... Once again. Only players online in tunngle is this drungor sitting all day doing nothing and the other guy (that I am not gonna mention who) duplicating logins and pretending to be somebody else like an inmature kid.

I've put hours working on the site.... This is making me feel terrible. I almost feel its not worth the effort on trying to revive the game. Every time I try to do something for this game, everybody leaves.

Server motherboard is arriving, after all the crap I went through to get a money refund... so I will be working on the server for experimental purposes, see if someday we will make use of it. I am glad I waited before taking the decision of upgrading my internet plan.

The site will shut down temporarily or probably forever. There would be no updates, no fixes whatsoever.

Thanks to all who were interested; especial thanks to Centner who has been with me in EBFD's ups and downs.

Should I continue working on this project?

Theres a poll up there.... will be checking for votes. If theres no votes at all or more votes for NO by the end of May, I will shutdown everything.

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i say dont give up if u do make it december 2012. Things look bleak but emperor is always like that. There is 1 more thing i would like to try before my retirement from emperor . If it does not work i will retire december 2012


My plan is called the emp challenge.

It is based on a mod made by me called The Hour of Assasins v2.01

I will release the mod shortly within 3 days (maybe today) and also explain how to win the jackpot of 100$ or more. :)

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Kindja hang in there :wub::ph34r: ...u know me....go go go....never give up.....i come in when i have a chance.....play all day if i have to, to get this game going....so be tough be strong and never say its over....go go go..... :D

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wow even "go go man" wrote here :D

and if serious, I think a site you should freeze temporarily, having it working as it is now

and the server to continue to assemble slowly, without hurrying... to autumn-winter of 2012 :)

everything will be good my friend, training you legs and love you girl more often - she needs this ;)

I will return 8)

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Wow Newlords is here in the forums o.O ... Thank you guys for the replies and your votes =) Im feeling better now, guess I will keep on working on these projects little by little. GO!.... go go go!

Atom dont quit Emp... we need ya in our games... you were getting better in the game! Before releasing your mods can we have a beta test? Your events can be posted on my site too!

Centner hope everything is good over there... Come back soon and get all these russian players back on game! :D

My Windows partition got screwed up... So I will not come back until I try to save it. =(

Thank you all

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