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Effective way to cope with Devastators?

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hello guys

i often play against my brother dune2000 via lan, 1vs1. he always takes the harkonnen side, i take the atreides.

his tactic is simple: builds a buttload of devastators, and runs over me...

how can i fight him successfully? how can i stop the devastators? sonic tanks fail, troopers are run over...

any help pls?:)

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Hi 300000....

the best way to deal with devastators is a mix of missile tanks and battle or siege tanks. Let's presume that you want to attack to 2 devastator tanks, you must have about 10 or more tanks with a mix of 60% and above being missile tanks.

THey have a very good chance because of their long range shoot and ratio of damage and can attack multiple targets without having to relocate from one to another target even if its in range like the battle tanks do.

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actually it depends on the map. If the map containes choke points, jamming those with sonic tanks and missile would help u control the map. Actually when ur enemy goes for heavy deva, troopers and missile tanks are a MUST HAVE. Try to harass his harvesters since the devas move quite slow. See my youtube videos, there are some atreides vs hark matches.

If your enemy has only a few devas, then u coukd easily micro manage them with a bunch of missile tanks. 4 missile tanks can.kill 4 devastators EASILY.

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With Ordos, Deviate, Explode? :P

He was asking for when he is atr. But yes, getting ordos with devi forces hark to stop using devastators (if he is not dumb, of course - i played some days ago with ordos against a guy who kept producing devastators.. u can imagine the result).

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