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  1. hello guys i often play against my brother dune2000 via lan, 1vs1. he always takes the harkonnen side, i take the atreides. his tactic is simple: builds a buttload of devastators, and runs over me... how can i fight him successfully? how can i stop the devastators? sonic tanks fail, troopers are run over... any help pls?:)
  2. i am looking for a trainer/cfg with only map reveal funcion for 1.06... do you have one?
  3. where can i download Adramelk's mod?
  4. Can anyone please explain why I cannot place concrete there? I am using that Dune 2000 portable..
  5. Thanks man, really appreciated. Finally I can play Dune2k at my workplace with my colleagues via LAN 8) (installing TCP/IP was disallowed)
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