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South America 1832


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Ok, As the title says S America 1832. I've taken the base map, and made it more sensible. Everything is adjusted for an 1832 economic start, the Gold Win is Extremely tough. I've adjusted a lot on the map, especially producing viable mountain passes, and remodelling industry, but expect things to be hilly,,,

Industry actually exists now, and doesn't necessitate a sheer drop down to the coast.

It's a V1.0 of the map, only the basic win conditions, no visible events, robbers added and well, you might get annoyed with them..

Tips:- Rio to Sao Paulo now has a pass that roughly follows the real life Railroad. You can connect from day one and stay under 3% grade if you get it right. Look for a potential pass to Brazil's interior via Vittoria.

As always, let me know.

As I said V1.0, if anyone cares about the map (excluding me ;)) I'll add events galore...

South America 1832.zip

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Drewski... You're going to kill me off. Just when I was figuring out Australia... :)

LoL, hey its still the holidays, Im still drinkin, sober enough to have fun....I'm quite pleased with the map, maybe will add more towns when I've studied the Atlas more....(I LOVE Geography & History too)...and I'm good at both ;)
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Hi Drewski,

Warning: reworking maps to fix geographical and historical howlers can become more addictive even than playing the game. I've never played any of the scenario maps, only campaign ones; and of them only the 18 original plus (so far) the first 6 of TSC. But almost every one I played, if I knew (or looked up) anything about the countries depicted, I've spotted things wrong, so I expect you are finding a lot in South America.

regards, Richard

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