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Emperor:Sands of Blood


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Progress so Far

All houses:

Force Recon Rules.ini complete.

Machinegun and Mortar Rules.INI complete


Commando: Rules.Ini Complete


Berserker rules.ini complete


Assassin rules.ini complete


Recon rifle turret, bullet added

Flamer Pistol turret, bullet added

Nerve agent pistol turret, bullet added, warhead added

Machinegun turret, added

Submachinegun turret, bullet, warhead added

More to come!

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Mind March is an awesome piece of music ^_^

I've tried my hand at modding various C&C games at some point, and also attempted to edit settings in Emperor, and I had the impression that compared to the other games that are governed by rules.ini etc. it was much less intuitive and messy. Perhaps I did something wrong while trying to edit stuff, but maybe this was one of the reasons responsible for the lack of popularity among modders.

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