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  1. yea, I follow and play Red Alert 2 Mental Omega - Mod, Aah well its a shame. I never understood why Emperor wasn't that popular
  2. This sounds like a good mod idea. With TibEd. You would have to make a new warhead that heals and assign it to your medic. That or perhaps create a warehead that has to be deployed and heals surrounding units? Or turn your troops into robots/cyborgs and change them into vehicles. LOL
  3. Don't stop for the sake of us all! :D
  4. Thats a shame, Emperor: Battle for Dune needs more mods. I was thinking of starting one, but I'm unsure what to do, I used to mod CnC games - Tiberian sun/Yuris revenge but that was many moons ago. I know it Emperor uses .ini files but when I opened them in a .txt file,the information was all over the place! I was thinking of trying TibEd. I really like this game by I feel there is a total lack of units. Each unit has a perfect counter part and is perfectly balanced, yet i get the samey kind of feeling. No matter which side I use. What would I add to the game you say? Each side would have a differnet type of energy structure. Atreides: Cold fusion power station - produces blue and white steam effect Harkonnen: Combustor Power Station - produces Fire Flames Black smoke effect House Ordos: Genetic Bio Dome - produces Green Smoke effect Defensive structures: Atreides: ? Sonic Tower Mortor Tower AA gunner Harkonnen: Missile Tower Disc Tower - A catapult that fires sharp discs AA Tower House Ordos: Long distance Laser turret Top up Laser AA turret Next I would also add: New units: one for tank for each side. another plane. Another form of wall perhaps Gates - got to love gates! If I could I would change the super weapons perhaps.
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