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Dune 2 Starport Fix


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Hi guys, I have a small doubt concerning Dune 2. I know of this error where you don't get your Starport Shipments after purchasing and their is a fix for it. But I am having a bit of trouble running it with my Windows 7 since its I think 64 bit color or something and that fix does not work in Windows 7. I only managed to make dune work through dos box. Is their any solution to this? I really can not continue with out starport. embarrassed.gif

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I assume that your problem is in running the v1.0 to v1.07 patch in Windows 7, right? No wonder as the patch is a DOS programme too. You can easily run it through DOSBox, just go to your Dune 2 directory (assuming that the patch files are already there and unpacked), then type "patch" (without quotes) to patch the game. Should work.

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Not like Dune II itself will run natively under Win7 anyway. It's only logical to run all DOS programs in DOSBox.

It's not related to "color" at all, by the way. 64 bit (8 bytes) is the default maximum size that can be stored in a normal number on modern CPUs (it's roughly 9*10^18). On DOS, this was only 16 bit (2 bytes), giving a maximum of around 32,000. Most software nowadays is still 32-bit, the Win95-98-2000 generation.

Anyway, that difference has quite some consequences for running older programs, and Microsoft simply said "screw it, we no longer support 16-bit programs". Which is why it doesn't work anymore.

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