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New Map: New England Shortlines


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New England Shortlines: RT3 1.05/ctc

This will be my first posted scenario (let the beatings begin...). Seriously, this was meant to be a nice, easy, play-for-fun, map, that turned out to be a bit more challenging that I expected. New England has some nice foothills and shores, but the hinterlands are annoyingly bumpy! If anyone else has trouble, I may have to tweak the requirements a bit, but these are do-able. In fact, I may have to tough-up the gold a bit more. This is a standard zip file- unzip, read the readme, put the .gmp in the rt3 map folder and voila!

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OK sorry it didn't take on the first try. By the way, I discovered an embarrassing error on the status page (while doing a final cleaning of the stack I seem to have moved the Status 4 line up several places by accident. Apologies to the two downloaders of the first version.

-removed- see next post below

8/25 edit: ummm, two weeks; 6 downloads...no comment?

C'mon guys; it can't be that bad... sad.gif ...?

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Well, another year another comment. Actually, no comments. I decided to retry this scenario and found some embarrassing medal errors. Would have been nice if somebody had mentioned it... Anyway, I've moved some towns and tweaked some small items. This version may be ready to add to the main site downloads list but some feedback would be helpful.

First edition, 2 downloads; second (actually version 15) 5 downloads (total 7), Third here is version 20, (1.20 for reference purposes).

New England Shortlines20.zip

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Why did you mark it unapproved?

No mod marked it as unapproved. New user, so by default all new posts are unapproved until mod approves a post. I was assuming spambot, so didn't approve to see if any other posts appeared. Responding to old thread, broken english with no specific details relating to thread other than the word 'map'.


I'll approve it for now. hopefully ithinkso is a real person. :)

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