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Atreides Mission 4

Lord J

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0O0 Begin Transmission 0O0

Ok, this may sound a little lame, but it's a way to win, and that's all that counts, right?   ;)  No-one should have trouble beating Mission 4 on easy if they've got any strategic sense.  But this is how *I* did it.  One word.  Troopers.  Scatter the little dudes and have them annihilate the combat tanks.  They also worked well enough against the Turretts.

Another thing for quick troop buildup, and this may sound lame as well, is build multiples of everything.  Especially Heavy Factories, Barracks and, of course, Construction Yards.  This may not work in multiplayer (I've never played a game of Dune 2000 in multiplayer, tried to once but it didn't work...), but it always kicks tail against the computer.

Anyway, good luck and may the schwartz be with you.  :P

)0( Transmission Ends )0(

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I think it's the one where you're trying to save the Fremen from the Harkonenn, the first of those missions.  Also, I think it's the first time you get Combat Tanks and there isn't an enemy Construction Yard.  Or maybe there isn't an enemy refinery...  I dunno, it's been a long time.  :P

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Well that mission was easy I deployed my con yard, laid some concrete and added a windtrap, laid a barracks on top of some more concrete, built nothing more than that other than a couple of infantry and troops to guard my base, then send my whole army to attack.

When you start you get such a huge army you can destroy 80% of the Harkonne base with that. Why waste time with a base this is not Emperor where you may end up using the same base for another mission. Also when I start I deployed my MCV and then did nothing, only later on while waiting for my tanks to destroy a building then I start building something.

It's easy, but if you tell me the mission where you have to capture the barracks is difficult...I can understand...it's really hard...

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