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Cindy McCain

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This was sent to me.

Check out this Lady!

Cindy McCain 


There was an article in the Wall Street Journal on Cindy McCain, John's

Wife. This is a summary of the article.


She graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs

Teacher.  She has a masters degree in special education.     

After her Dad died she became involved with his beer distributing firm and

Is now the chairwoman.  Sales have doubled since she has taken over

From her father.


They have a marriage prenuptial agreement, her assets remain


She is involved around the world clearing land mines - travels to these

Countries on a detonation team and service on their board.

They have a 19 year old serving in Iraq , another son in the Naval Academy ,

A daughter recently graduated from Columbia Univ. , an adopted daughter in

High school, and a son who is the finance guy at the beer firm.


Raised kids in Phoenix , Az rather than Washington DC.(better

Atmosphere)  He commuted.

In 1991, Mrs. McCain came across a girl in an orphanage in Bangladesh 

Mother Teresa implored Mrs. McCain to take the baby with severe cleft

Palate.  She did so without first telling her husband. The couple

Adopted the girl who has had a dozen operations to repair her cleft palate

And other medical problems.

They have a Family Foundation for children's causes.

She's active with 'Halo Trust' - to clear land mines, provide water and food in

War ravaged and developing countries.


She will join an overseas mission of 'Operation Smile', a charity for

Corrective surgery on children's faces


She has had two back surgeries and became addicted to pain killers. 

She talks openly about it which she says is part of the recovery


  We would really get two for the price

Of one.  A person with business and international experience. 

John did work for the firm for awhile when he left the Navy.  She,

However, has the real business experience.  Very interesting.

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Or you could vote for the husband of the woman who has never been proud of her country.

I don't know why you keep posting this stuff.

You keep saying you are "undecided," yet everything you post is pro-McCain.

I'm all for keeping this site active.  Hawk and I are teasing each other with railroad trivia.  Join in.  Politics will kill this board, not keep it going.


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It certainly killed one of the forums at Train-Sim.com, 'course I think that was more of the liberals complaining to the mods because they couldn't control a discussion more than anything.

That was the reason for me starting the private Political forum at one of my boards, to give those folks that wanted to discuss politics a safe place to discuss it.

No dis-respect Gwizz. Just stating the facts.

To quote (or should I say mis-quote) Sgt. Joe Friday; "Just the facts man!".  ;D

Edit 1:  Personally I find it hard to find anything appealing about either one of the candidates.

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I appreciate every one's concern and the effort to promote more RR talk on this forum.

I was considering Obama as my lesser-of-the-evils, candidate; but, I after trying to peal back his political Rhetoric I still can't figure out what he really stands for.  He does seem to be a very scary candidate, but then so did McCain.

I believe a president's wife can have a great amount of influence on his politics.  With the research I have been doing, McCain definitely has an advantage on the marital side over Obama.  With Obama's choice of another radical for his vice president, the chance that I would now vote for Obama is almost nil.  I believe with Obama there would be more negatives then positives under his leadership.  If Obama wins maybe seeing what a radical can do to harm this country would open some eyes.  But, I'm not sure our country could survive that kind of a disaster.  Anyway, from what I've seem of the Democratic convention, I don't believe Obama is going to win.

I wish McCain had a bigger lead in the polls as I would like to vote for an independent.  But, as it is, I may just have to vote not for McCain but against Obama by voting for McCain.  I'm going to stay on the fence for awhile and see what transpires over the next few of weeks. 

I will continue to watch this forum very close and welcome polite comments from all sides of this election.   

Again thanks for the concerns.

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McCain picks Sarah Palin to be his V.P.

I have long felt McCain's age was against him.  Now with such a qualified V.P. I believe McCain's election to the presidency is assured.

I will still track this campaign since I believe this election is a turning point for the future success or failure of the US.

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Sorry Maddog that you don't like politics.  Most visitors seem to like these threads.

I'll try harder to title the threads so you will know what is political and what isn't, so you can avoid them. 

Please don't read political threads.  They will only be clustered in one spot in the forum.

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Thanks JSS.

We have been friends for a long time and we don't always agree.  But we have remained friends because we do have respect for each other.

Nothing has changed on the forum except for the new debate section.  I thank Jesse for that.  I'm just trying to be democratically sensitive to people who may have a different view point or political persuasion.  They have a right to believe or think differently if they wish, as long as they remain respectful about it.


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