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Industry and Locomotive Charts Requested


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I just purchased a jewel case copy of RRT3. There was a .pdf copy of the manual on the CD, but no Resource-Industry matrix or locomotive year introduction list. Can someone post a link to either of these documents or email them to me at: hotels109@hotmail.com?


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Thanks Gwizz. The industries appear to be similar from RRT2 tro RRT3. The locomotive screenshots on the RRT2 page is somewhat informative but incomplete. It would be helpful to know the specs on all of the locomotives, specifically their year of introduction. Being new to this sequel of the game, I have been burned several times throwing a bunch of cash into new locomotives, only to have a newer, faster, more powerful locomotive become available a year later. Of course, purists would say this is accurate modeling. With no Internet, telephone or mass media, tycoons would not be aware of new locomotive technology becoming available unless they lived near a facility that was developing, testing or manufacturing them.

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Many of the industries in RT3 are indeed very similar to RT2.  There are some differences, such as the addition of the recycling industry and the fact that the cargo formerly known as "food" has been divided into the categories of "meat", "cheese", etc., and the housing units never stop demanding uncanned produce.  Other than these and similar exceptions, the indsutries haven't changed much.  On the other hand, the locomotives have changed quite a bit.  Many of the locomotives of RT2 aren't in RT3, such as the Hudson, the Prairie, the John Bull, and others.  There are engines in RT3 that weren't in RT2.  And many of the engines that are in both RT2 and RT3 ahve different "personalities."  For example, the 8-Wheeler in RT2 is one of the earlier locomotives (the era immediately after the era of the "primitive" locomotives such as the John Bull and the Prussian).  In RT3, the 8-Wheeler is one of the locomotives from the era surrounding the turn of the century.  I know there's a big difference, because I could never get an 8-Wheeler over 100 mph in RT2.  Also, in RT3 the Camelback isn't the grade-climber that it is in RT2.  My point is, an engine chart (like the one that came with my boxed copy of RT3) would be helpful.  Also, I found the industry chart on the back of the locomotive chart (or is it the other way around?) to be helpful.  Is there a way I could get another copy of that industry/locomotive chart somewhere?  About the suggestion that a locomotive chart helps on some of the scenarios, I used the one that came with my boxed copy of RT3 as I played through many of the campaign scenarios, and I found that while at times it could be very useful, it wasn't always foolproof.  The reason for this is that whoever designed those scenarios manually edited the list of available locomotives in many of them.

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I have made an Industry Chart and it is posted at Hawk's site (under 'Tips, Tutorials, and Utilities' near the bottom of the Extras page).

I am not an artist, so it is not pretty, but I hope it is useful, although I think the industry chart is not as important as it was in RT2.



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Just in case anyone didn't know this, you can add an attachment to your post.  Use the browse button to open your attachment, then when you post, the attachment is added as part of the post.

It is alway good to have attachments and maps at more than one site, just in case one site should get hacked.

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Many attachments have been corrupted/lost for some reason. The links in this thread to Hawk's site are not working either. The site is still there, but in 10 years probably the organization changed. Most RT3 players hang out over there.


Let's see how long these attachments last.





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