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  1. I am not an event expert, but I can shoot some shots in the air... : How often do you test Event 1? If you test each month, GVAR1 will become greater than 1 and Event 2 will not trigger anymore. Maybe you want to set the game variable to 1, not add 1 to it? Maybe it should be an "One time only" event (if it is not already)? It looks like you do not need to test Event 1 against multiple companies at all, since only Game functions are used in the trigger nor effect (no Company* nor Player* functions). Maybe it does not matter since there are only one human company anyway. Also, make sure the "One time only" option is unchecked for Event 2. Otherwise that event will not not be executed once it has been evaluated to true. (this might be the cause of only one AI company gets extra money?). Maybe it is better to drop Event 1 entirely and have Event 2 trigger on [tt]GameYearsElapsedSinceStart=2[/tt] directly (for every computer company)? After two years of play every AI company get some extra money? (Test every year) I have no clue why the money disappears after one year... Are you sure that the money is not used to pay the usual costs (maintenance, fuel, ...) and/or dividends? Just some shots in the air... Magnus (Railroad Tycoon II Platinum)
  2. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but have you tried to check "Test against multiple companies" in the trigger section of the event. CompanyCash should return the cash on hand for each of the specified companies, not only the human company. Similar for PlayerCash. Regards Magnus
  3. Hi! I have updated the RT3 Industry Charts and RT3 Locomotive Lists to RT3 patch level 1.06. They are available at Hawk's site (under 'Tips, Tutorials, and Utilities' near the bottom of the Extras page). They are also attached here, in this post. As before, the packages contains pdf documents. But this time I have also included the editable 'source files' from which the pdf documents were created. Each package contains two versions each. One for patch level 1.05 (the last one from Poptop) and one for the *unoffical* patch level 1.06. Everyone may not want to install user created patches... ::) I do know there is an excellent locomotive list included in the patch documentation. The purpose of 'my' list is to provide a simple table (three pages) to have handy when playing. :) Regards /Magnus RT3_Industry_Charts_v1.06.zip RT3_Locomotive_List_v1.06.zip
  4. Oops, didn't know that. :) Here they are: /Magnus RT3_Engine_List_v1.0.zip RT3_Industry_Chart_v1.1.zip
  5. I have made an Engine List and it is posted at Hawk's site (under 'Tips, Tutorials, and Utilities' near the bottom of the Extras page), together with my Industry Chart. I am not an artist, so it is not pretty, but I hope it is useful anyway. Regards /Magnus
  6. I have made an Industry Chart and it is posted at Hawk's site (under 'Tips, Tutorials, and Utilities' near the bottom of the Extras page). I am not an artist, so it is not pretty, but I hope it is useful, although I think the industry chart is not as important as it was in RT2. Regards /Magnus
  7. :O Thanks! I didn't thought about them. I have Platinum (and the original RTII and TSC in the drawers somewhere) so I should certainly know about at least the Industry charts. :) And many useful pictures (especially the map pictures) in the image* folders too. Now... I am not that good at image manipulating, is there a way to copy the single industries into separte pictures, each in equal size and e.g. the year in the same position in every picture? (like the ones at this site). Selecting by hand seems error-prone but if I had to I will do that, but if there is a tool somewhere I will be glad to learn to use it. (getting off-topic now, I am afraid...) /Magnus
  8. I haven't played that many maps yet, I am still at the beginning of my first serious attempt of the first RT2 campaign (there you have my play level. 8) , Probably I am reading too much info and playing/practicing too little). I find the status page in the ledger each year is very handy so I usually go into the editor and add status messages for the medal requirements, and try to get them as close as possible to the medal triggers. Also when I try to understand the various messages and choices I find it nice to have the ability to check in the editor what the author really meant. For example in the Silver Booms map (a PNW map) the City of Denver gives me a reward if they get connected by my company. Checking the editor revealed that Denver is asking for a connection to Kansas City, not just a connection to my network. :-) But of course, "checking the source code" must be done with care. Personally I try not to check for "look into the crystal ball" (that's cheating), but to check for understanding. And bug-fixing when someting seems wrong. Regards /Magnus
  9. *Bumping part of 'Andrews's post from 2003* ... Tool and Die picture doesn't show up. http://theterminal.dune2k.com/?p=rrt2-industry-building ... From where did you get/extract the industry pictures? They are nice and might be useful to include into my RTII Reference notes. :) Regards /Magnus
  10. I think it it easy to gett somewhat fooled by the connection goal. In this case, you have some tracks at Seattle, one goal to connect Seattle to Fairbanks and another goal to haul x loads of a certain type to the other end of the required connection. Then the human mind automatically thinks that every load should be hauled along the entire way. :-) Lesson learned: Read the goals carefully, they might not be as closely related as you think. You might even want to check in the event editor for the exact requirement. ;D regards /Magnus
  11. I played with this Alaska scenario a couple of days ago. At first I thought that the troops should only come from Seattle/Vancouver (production only one (1) troop car a year!), becaouse of the connection goal, but when reading the strategy guide that came with Platinum it became clear to me that this was not the purpose. I think the developers meant to collect the troops from everywhere to Fairbanks (although probably not from Fairbanks itself, of course...) Do not only serve the barracks at these places, haul troops away from them as well. :-) Regards /Magnus
  12. That "rot factor", I understand now the meaning of it, but what stands "rot" for? Is is an abbreviation for "Rate Of Time", "Return On T*" or similar? Or is it rather that the cargo become "rotten" with time (that happens to for example food if not properly stored)? I can't find this
  13. It won't be long until RRT3 is as good as RRT2? :-)
  14. I found a walkthrough for both the classic campaign and the TSC campaign at http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/198394.html. I don't know how good they are, as I am still working my way through the classic campaign. Recently I drove Roosevelt around (#05) and will shortly return to the Silver Booms and Promises fo
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