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Pennsylvania 1945 map


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Interesting, we both posted a Pennsylvania map today and they are almost the same size.  I evented the F3 A+B diesel, the 2-8-2 and the GG1 and kept the 1900 date.  My RR uses the GG1. The big AI uses the diesel and the other AI RRs use the 2-6-0 which is correct for the date.  No company uses the 2-8-2.

I'll give your map a try.   

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Interesting, we both posted a Pennsylvania map today and they are almost the same size.

That's weird!  :)  I've wanted a modern Pennsylvania map for a long time but I've not even had the time in the last year to sit down and play RT2 let alone make a new map. I added a couple of new towns to PA_1945 but the events are from PA_1880.

I'll have to try your map as well.  :)


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Ray, What are the mountain ridges called, that run across the center of Pennsylvania.

I had a bad start with the game, so I borrowed a few million from the Slush fund bank and did some cell stitching through those mountains.  I have not done that in a long time.  I put electric track in that topless tunnel and connected a steam railroad at each end of the tunnel as a drop point.  These steam lines connect to the ports and a few cities.  I have yet to run this thing.  Thats for tomorrow.

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I'm still looking for a game I like better than RT2.

I enjoy making maps in both RT2 and RT3 but don't enjoy playing RT3

I have Tycoon Deluxe that I only tried once after buying off of a mark-down table.

At the time I was deeply involved in RT2 and never got back to it.

I've heard it was very popular.  I will have to give it a real try.

As if remodeling my house and cleaning up after the last big storm wasn't enough to do.  But, as if it was a benefit, my back bothers me a lot and I take long breaks in a modified vibrator chair sitting in front of my computer.  So I'm not completely out of the Tycoon business.

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Gwizz, I just picked up Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 today for Cnd$14.95. The about half hour movie on the DVD showing train footage (75% Steam - rest Diesel) was worth that amount all by itself. Don't like some of the concepts of that game but it has got many good points.

When I want to play a RR game I also play RT2. Simply can not beat it for sheer fun.

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