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Greetings from another newcomer

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Hi. I just recently started playing RRT3 (though I did try RR1 yonks ago). I'm impressed with how far the game has come.

First let me say that railroading is in my blood in real life. My dad worked for the Grand Trunk Railroad and was a bit of a workaholic when I was growing up. I remember his taking me to see his work a time or two.  I still recall being impressed by the big darkened room where

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Sometimes placing or deleting track will cause a game crash. You might try downlodaing the most recent patch, 1.05 and see if that helps. I still get this type of crash though, and it is not unique to Texas  :(

Re telegraphy, there is a game event that can increase or decrease load-unload times. Some scenarios offer this for a price, but you have to apply it to your whole company, or not  8)

You shouldn't need to track the whole map to win Texas Tea. Buy some lucrative industries, like the coffee farms and oil wells you hook up too. This isn't a big map and a computer should be able to handle it; maybe there is a problem with computer power or graphics  ???

Support company? Well Gwizz and I will keep you company and support you  ;D

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Thanks for your kind reply. I wasn't just hoping to complete Texas Tea. That's not that tough. I WAS just enjoying seeing just how money I COULD make if I planned it well.

As to the program abending I just think it has to do with the game LOGIC as opposed to any system constraint. The thing plays flawlessly and quickly up to that point. I'm thinking I may have blown out an internal table in the game or something. Maybe too many train stops to keep track of or something.

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Greetings Haven,

I went to the Durand Station last summer with my in-laws.  My FIL has an HO scale layout in his basement, and we took him to see the layout at the Durand Station.  Quite impressive!

Where are you from?  Must have been somewhere in mid Michigan if your dad worked in Durand.

Glad to see another Michigander among the RT3 fans.

Best regards,


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Shouldn't that be Spartan? ??? At least that's what I thought when I went to MSU.

I lived in Durand for a while but spent most of my childhood in Corunna. That put me about half way between Flint and Lansing. Now I've relocated to the land of Flagler and Plant (Florida)

My dad didn't actually work in the Durand Depot most of the time that he was there. He started in 1940 as a Car Checker (A man who COULD read who made symbols on the side of box cars in chalk so that those who COULDN'T read could get them into the right trains) later he specialized in finding lost freight (now HOW did that load of car parts bound for Detroit end up in Baton Rouge?) My one uncle worked in Battle Creek for the Grand Trunk as well and another worked as an engineer.

Heck, I even got to drive a Diesel before I drove a car. (under the wtachful eye of the real engineer)

Well enough of the real thing... back to the game.

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Shouldn't that be Spartan?  At least that's what I thought when I went to MSU.

I went to graduate school at U of M and have been a big fan of theirs from my earliest days.  Slowly I'm coming around to rooting for the Spartans, but still like to irk my students by wearing a U of M sweatshirt on days when the two play each other.

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OK, I opened with "all programs" LC RR3 and the only picks I have are



Play RR3

Play RR3 online with game spy

Readme Notes


RR3 Mapabuilder


Uninsatall RR3 Mapbuilder

I guess I'm dumb or something, More help please and thanks for the time.

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Thanks to both of you for the help. I took a break and went an talked with a door nob for a while.

OK what I get now with "windows key" "E" I open up My Computer.

Under the RT3 Disc I get


Loco Commotion

Mall Tycoon





I havn't found any files for games or saved games.

I'm not on line with the computer the RT3 is running on. I doubt that is the problem here.

Any more ideas? Thanks, in the mean time I'll go back and talk to the door nob.

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Don't look in the cd. Look in the "Railroad Tycoon 3" folder.

If you installed to the default location, you would look under "C:\Program Files\Railroad Tycoon 3\Saved Games" (without the quotation marks).

Maps would be found under "C:\Program Files\Railroad Tycoon 3\Maps".

The "Windows+E" key combination should open "Windows Explorer", but you can still find it in "My Computer".

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How to get to saved map:

1. press start.

2.press my computer

3. click on c drive.

4. click on program files.

5. click on rrt3.

6. click on saved game folder.

7. you should have a list saved files.

IF not.

repeat steps 1 to4

then click on map folder to look a map on c drive to see an entire list of maps.

(gmp. files with the map names.  hope this helps.

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