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Where to buy RT2


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Anyone know how I can get a full copy of RT2?  I've been playing the demo for a while and am really getting into it, but can't seem to find anywhere to buy the full version.  Any info would be great!

Thanks matt

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Hey, thanks for the tips everryone...I'm actually in japan for two years and was hoping there was a site that could sell it to me and i could download it, but from the looks of things, that's not gonna happen.  Guess I'll just have to tough it out...maybe this is a good excuse to buy RRT3!  Thanks again..

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maybe this is a good excuse to buy RRT3!

Ouch!  Don't do that!  :O  If you like RT2 then RT3 will probably disappoint you as they are significantly different from one another.  I have both but I'll probably not ever install RT3 again.  It just isn't good enough to stay on the hard drive.  I think you should bite the bullet and pay the shipping for RT2.


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