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  1. First I must point out that I am no expert in this and, hopefully, one of the more knowledgeable people here will correct me if I am wrong but here goes:- This problem may be caused by a combination of things. 1. the Event 'SP-Lose' is much higher in the list of Events than the Medal Events and is (I think) checked before the others. 2.'SP-Lose' is set as 'years elapsed since game start>25' (check at beginning of year) and the Bronze/Silver Events are set as 'years elapsed since game start>=25' (check at end of year). This, combined with the point noted above, may mean that it will always give you a lose result. A possible solution is to move the 'SP-Lose' Event to below the 'Win-Bronze' Event. After doing this exit the Control Panel and save the game. I suggest re-naming the save as 'Great Lakes 1' so that you still have the original in case this does not solve the problem. An alternative is to change the 'SP-Lose' Event to >26 to ensure that the Bronze/Silver Events have a chance to take effect before the Lose (remember to save the changes under different names until you are sure you have a map that works correctly).
  2. Hi Bannon, in the revised scenario I changed the option for the $1 million to only go to the human player so this should help you in gaining control of competitors. Also the Victory conditions now work in sequence (i.e You need to meet ALL targets before you can get Gold). Re Oil Refineries - although one appears early in the game they will not accept oil until 1890. If you go to http://hawkdawg.com/Forum/index.php?showtopic=229 you can find out about all the changes I made with the help of other people. Hope you enjoy the revised version.
  3. matt, try Amazon.com. If you are in the U.S.A the have it new & used from $0.40 .
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