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Beta Version of 1.04 Patch


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Gwizz has passed along a <a href="http://theterminal.dune2k.com/download.php?id=498">beta version of the 1.04 patch</a> he received from PopTop. Keep in mind this is still *beta* so use at your own risk. I've posted the changelog below:

<blockquote><b>Version 1.04 Changes</b>


1. Fixed issue with game speed getting stuck when using the +/- hotkeys.

2. Fixed an issue that could cause crashes, especially in modern-era games.

3. Support for loading and saving in multiplayer.  Note, this support is in 'beta' state right now.  It is still being fully tested on PopTop's end and we don't guarantee that it will work for everyone.

<b>Single Player Bug Fixes:</b>

4. Fixed a bug that could prevent the game from launching successfully with certain NVidia cards using the 5x series drivers. Fixed a couple more places where it was possible to branch off the tutorial or otherwise take actions that prevented completing the tutorial.

5. Fixed a bug whereby a liquidated company could still show up in the 'Attempt Merger' list even after all of its assets had already been purchased.

6. Resolved a conflict between the 'Auto-Show Grades' option and the manual hot-key to show track grades (SHIFT+G).  Using one no longer overrides the setting of the other.

7. Fixed an exploit where you could use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys to change the affected company when changing dividends, issuing stock, etc.

8. Resolved problem where merging with a company with many outstanding bonds could cause some of those bonds to become un-repayable.

9. Recycling plants now properly produce up to 6 loads annually of recycled goods (from 12 loads of waste), and can be profitable if well supplied.

<b>Single Player Balance and Gameplay Tweaking:</b>

10. Placing stations and other buildings now causes much less disruption to the height of the existing landscape and track.  This should largely resolve the steep drop-offs that a new station could occasionally cause to existing track.

11. Post-offices, restaurants and other non-station buildings can no longer be placed on steep hillsides.  This helps reduce terrain disruption (supplementing the tweaks listed just above), and it makes it much harder to use post-offices to carve out routes through the mountains.

12. Decreased the profit penalty for changing a train's destination while it's carrying freight.

<b>Single Player New Features:</b>

13. Added better support for languages such as Chinese Polish, Hungarian, and Russian, so that they can use the same patch and EXE versions as other countries, without having any translated strings overwritten.

14. The night can now be made brighter than before

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I notice that in IE before every apostrophe there is an " A " with a 'house' above it and in Mozilla Firefox there are no apostrophes at all. :(

Could it just be me?[attachment deleted by admin]

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The best thing about this patch is the lighter nights - that really works. Mostly placing services no longer disrupts the line - at least not as much as before - but every now and then it still happens - odd. Most of the others either I'd never noticed or, if I had, hadn't worried about them.

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