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United Indian Federation Map


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You haven't gotten to the fire yet.But its comming.And some other stuff too.What year did you start in?

I like using AI companies too.I wanted to make a map with 9 AI's and you had to be the only one left.But kept running into the problem that atleast one would start a new co.But would own all stock and never issue any on the market. Maybe I'm just not that experienced at this game. But I've found that to be a problem. If there isn't any stock to buy it makes it kinda hard to buy out the co. :(

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Completed 17 years.  No fire yet.  Did get an offer to emprove my something.  I took it for 1 million.

Merged two of my big AIs.  One to go.  I'm not buying stock in the small AIs and the deposed chairment don't have many towns to build to.  About 25 cities are still unserved.  I made the mistake of running the map without going back to my company.  What a mess.

My RR is out of debt, no bonds and I'm out of margin.  Becoming a real tycoon now.

All required cities are connected.  So far I have played this map without looking at the cargo charts.  I just routed trains to every city and let the trains wait for cargo.  I have not bought or built any industries.  Some of the AIs I merged had industries.  So I own 3 grain  farms and two other industries of some kind.

Looked for industries to  buy.  Was unable to find any that were making a profit.

I will merge the last AI I control then build some industries where needed.  then scrap about 1/2 of my locos to reduce expenses.

I have about 130 locos and the AI has about 60 more, the last time I looked.

This is a big map and I have a lot running.  I crashed to desk top once during this last year.

With the 1.04 patch coming out, I may just let the map run to earn the industry profits I need.

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Finally managed to get Gold at 1st attempt on Expert nearly 3 years early.  Didn't have any problems at all - everything worked fine - the only problem was that it must have taken an hour per year to keep using the cash that railroads brought in to extend the rails and search for things to buy. Cattle farms were my most consistent and best earners although they cost a lot to start with. Breweries were a waste of time. I only actually built two factories and those late on when logging camps started to appear so I built a lumber mill and furniture factory at the nearest large town.

Anyway I really enjoyed the map and just to add extra interest I'd bought 90% of the Company by the time I'd won. I would say I'd connected every town but new ones seemed to keep appearing - or am I just forgetful?

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I think I'm pushing my computer's limit.

My Game Map is now at 31,382K and is locking up or crashing.

This is a problem with my computer and not your map.

I have been testing the 104 patch as I was building my industrial might on the map.

Adding the patch to the middle of this game may have caused the problems I'm having.

I've enjoyed the play on this map very much and found no problems. 

I'm going to save the game and I plan to later reinstall the 103 patch to see if it fixes the problem I now have.

Thanks for making the map. 

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The map is an enormous size for the last ten years or so and I couldn't do anything with the game still running (for example it wouldn't scroll so I could search for new farm buying opportunities)  so I had to pause at least four times a year which was why it took an hour for each one. Dont think its entirely your computer therefor.

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