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United Indian Federation Map


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There is a limit that the ISPs put on you line.

A 6000K map seems to be a common limit.

What is the size of your zipped files.  Both RAR and WinZip?

I took off trees and shortened some mountains to reduce the size of one map.

I'm not sure what adds to a maps size the most.  I need to test this I guess.

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  Glad it finally worked!I used the map builder to start but then made some changes. This was the first one I've done using the map builder.So theres probably some strange stuff(like rivers running backwards) I think I fixed most of it but you never know.Anyway have fun and watch out for grass fires.They can be distructive.

  What res. do you work on?

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I played this map for a short time, then went back and made some changes.

This map has lots of cities like the the heartland.

So I added 9 AI RRs to start up.  I guess I like stock market games.

Also changed to unconnected track so I could play the field so to speak.

I'm into the 4th year now.  Taking my time to work with the AIs on pause.

I have merged two of them and they both rebulit, both in the deep south.

The economy went sour the 2nd year and I doubt I will now be able to control every AI in this game.

I do own over 51% in 3 more AIs but my company is not doing very well. 

The 3 RRs and mine are in the shape of a horseshoe. 

Not the best configuation for making a profit on the flat part of a map.

I squeaked by 3 margin calls and now face a 4th.  I'm not sure I will survive this one.

I've been using my 3 AIs to continuelly buy back stock to keep the price up and me out of a margin call.

My own company is in the red.  I cant sell stock without driving the stock price down.

For this game I plan to stay within 10 million of debt to avoid the bond bug, so I can pay off all bonds.

My debt is now at 8 million and I've just maxed out the debt for the 4 AIs.

Not much to do now except to reroute the trains so they drop their cargo at a near by station.

Hopefully someone will buy my cargo for enough money to avoid the margin call.

Otherwize I may be eating shoe soup soon.

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I had too much paperwork to do tonight and no time for the game.

I hope you don't mind we having some fun with your map. 

I'm not looking for a win in this game.  In fact I have not yet met even one of the goals.

I think I'm in year 7 or 8  ???

I didn't expect to survive this long since up until now I have been playing at the maximum risk in the margin stock market.

At this point I don't know if the deposed chairmen will build more rail or not.  70% or so of the cities still need a railroad and all chairmen now have lots of money to spend.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to go another year.

Having a ball.

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Thought how sloppy my game play was in the 2nd year yesterday.

So I backed up one year and did it over tonight.

I didn't merge any AI railroads this time around.  Too many chairmen own stock in a number of companies.

Tom Scott's stock still split.  So, he has 4 shares more then I have now.  Still can't intise him to issue more stock.

Rerouted my trains for more profit.  and AI trains to give me more profit.  I now own all available stock in all RRs.

My AIs keep issuing 7 blocks of stock at a time or buying bonds to buy more locos.  So I maxed out their bonds and issued their  stock for them. 

I used the dollars from the sale of their stock, so they would have no dollars to buy more locos.   

Darn if they didn't figure out a way to buy more than 20 bonds and not list the 21st bond,  They keep the money.

I connected all required cities.  Not all gave me notice;  But some are connected through or with the AI RRs.

This is different than in RRT2 where I could connect through AI trackage.

Enough for today.  Still ended at the start of the 9th year.

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