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RT2 VS RT3 map making

Are you planning on making any RT2 series maps?  

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  1. 1. Are you planning on making any RT2 series maps?

    • Yes, I prefer RT2
    • Yes, I'll continue map making for RT2 and RT3
    • No, Just for RT3
    • No, I don't make maps

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Whenever I get the time, and the inspiration, I will hopefully be making a map of Prince Edward Island. Might be the only one I make, although different versions is possible.

Making the landscape will be the largest obstacle I think, as I tried making it, but it wasn't very good looking.(disfigured)

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There are still a few maps coming online for RRT2, But most are now RRT3 maps.

Map making is fun and hard at the same time.  I thought they were easier to make in RRT2 but as I learn RRT3 I'm no longer sure.  The new 1.04 patch should help here.  I'm starting to get good at landscape work.  It was hard at first.

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I'm going to keep on making RT2 maps.  I recently released 3 quickie maps and 1 that I put more thought into.  They can be found here at the Terminal. 

When the  patch 1.04 comes out for RT3, I will reconsider.  There are two problems.......the first is the ground leveling (fix to come in 1.04) and the second is the problem of running next to rivers.  If these two issues are fixed, I might make RT3 maps.  If not......well......why should I bother?


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