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Game of Thrones

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I have actually recently started reading the book series (I 'm on Clash of Kings atm). Not planning to watch the tv series until I 'm done with the books (which are not finished by the way). I 've seen a trailer though and I find their design of the Iron throne interesting (had pictured it slightly different).

As for the books themselves, I like them; they 've kept me company on many a train ride.

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[colour=#005FFF]I've really enjoyed the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels. Really happy to hear that the next one is due out in July, and also looking forward to tonight. Sky Atlantic will be playing Game of Thrones here in the UK at 9pm, which is a bit of a change. Normally, we have to wait months for US TV series' to come over to Britainland. That they're showing it the very next day (effectively almost the same day, if you take into account time zones and whatnot) is admirable.

The cast look pretty awesome, and the trailers I've seen for this give me hope that the entire series of novels could be effectively reproduced on-screen. But anyone who's even read the first quarter of the first book knows that there's some pretty taboo stuff in there; granted, it's HBO, but I wonder just how fully and truthfully they're going to depict Jaime / Cersei and Dany / Drogo.

But the most important part for me is that they get Tyrion right. More than anyone else, he's my favourite character in the books. I shall report back with my opinion later on.[/colour]

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Watched the episode. Liked it lots. Might seem a bit stuffed introducing lots of characters, and that is supposed to get better in next episodes.

Definitely high quality sets/actors etc.

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[colour=#005FFF]I have to say that I'm impressed. While the environments perhaps weren't as close to what I'd imagined as I'd have liked, the characters were pretty much spot on. Jaime and Tyrion especially so.

What I didn't like so much was the portrayal of Dany and Drogo's lovemaking. The average viewer would likely imagine that Drogo just took her there and then, like those wild women back at the wedding. In the book, it was nothing like that - readers will know that Drogo spent most of the night putting Dany to ease, before she eventually took it to the next level. Seems like even HBO isn't willing to show some things. Which begs the question of how they're going to deal with a certain scene later on.
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