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Dune II manual remake


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Actually, that's a pretty good idea :) BTW, do you mean you had a coloured manual?

Eh, most likely just a grayscale thing. But even something like that has character!

IIRC the first time around playing Dune II I didn't receive a manual to go with the possibly-not-legal floppy copy gifted to me for the Amiga. But later on I once picked up this thing when the family comp got switched to a PC (the first thing on the list) http://www.strategycore.co.uk/databank/series/x-com/game-compilations/

Dangit, I have to go visit the old folks now and ask if they really did what I told them to do and throw all my stuff in the thrash. Hadn't heard of Dosbox or any kind of emulation really back when I first moved out so didn't even think old stuff would work on new computers! I'm so mad at myself, that stuff looks so awesome now!

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tbh I have no idea how to do such a thing... getting schooled to be a programmer means they don't bother us with mundane stuff like the advanced uses of MS Word.

My own (German) Dune II manual doesn't have anything like that though, and neither does the scanned English PDF version I got on my hard disk. Besides the cover, it's just pure black and white.

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