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  1. I'm playing the atreides campaign now and at mission 6. Took at look at the mission in a map editor (scena016) and it looks like the Harkonnen has 19 units placed on the map already. It has two refineries, so will get two harvesters (right?), bringing the unit count to 21. Does this mean that it can only build 4 more units before reaching the limit of 25? Some of the AI's teams are set at a minimum unit amount of 5 or 6, how will it react when it can't build those teams? (assuming the team bug is fixed, I did put in the fix patch) Eh, considering the boards are slow I'll just go on with the mission and see what happens, will it attack me with more than four units before I go on the offensive and take out some of it's original units set on area guard/ambush...
  2. Eh, most likely just a grayscale thing. But even something like that has character! IIRC the first time around playing Dune II I didn't receive a manual to go with the possibly-not-legal floppy copy gifted to me for the Amiga. But later on I once picked up this thing when the family comp got switched to a PC (the first thing on the list) http://www.strategycore.co.uk/databank/series/x-com/game-compilations/ Dangit, I have to go visit the old folks now and ask if they really did what I told them to do and throw all my stuff in the thrash. Hadn't heard of Dosbox or any kind of emulation really back when I first moved out so didn't even think old stuff would work on new computers! I'm so mad at myself, that stuff looks so awesome now!
  3. I've browsed the forum a bit, and noticed that occasionally these things pop up, possibly a bit off-topic, in threads here and there. A while later I became interested in the topic and searching for answers proved difficult. So I'm asking for input from people who know what are the differences in different versions of Dune II. Platform ports, version numbers, locales, anything goes. So let's gather up a concise list and put it up on a wiki or something (if such a thing exists point me at it, couldn't find one). Things I've read about: -Some mentat topics were dropped in later versions after 1.0? -Some animations were cut likewise, the opening dome in Hi-Tech? (What's the logic in stuff like this anyway, cut content in updates?) -Something about a different font in a European release? Anyone have pics for comparison's sake? What else?
  4. Any chance of giving the manual a nice sandy hue/filter or anything? The pages on the copy I used (lost in time sadly, UFO manual too and all the other greats) to own certainly weren't such a bright white colour.
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