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On Reverend Mothers drinking the water of life.


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Actually the Bene Gesserit drank extremely concentrated spice essence, if I remember correctly. That presumably entails some form of processing of the spice melange, which was harvested and commercially available. The water of life, given off by a drowning sandworm, was a fremen thing which the Imperium did not adopt, as shown by Murbella's Agony several thousand years after Jessica's.

Out of curiosity, Harry, do you eat eggs?

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Or honey, which is fermented bint bee vomit.

Not vomitus-related, but when I went out with friends Christmas Eve, one of the appetizers was lightly cooked shirako on stewed daikon-radish.

Milt, in other words. What's a little narcotic worm vomit? :)

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