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strategys that kick ass assaullt force con.s ok

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If you want a strategy for Dune.

Get your base up and running quickly, so you build a fremen campa nd upgrade it. Whilst doing this build 7 to 10 clone vehicles. Then build 1 Fremen Fredakyn, Fremen Sniper, Normal Sniper, And rocket laucher.

Move all thos clones to a spot where it's easy to deploy them for cloning. Move all the men you've created as specimens to an area near the cloners but away from them when you are gong to be selecting the entire screen.

Group the cloning vehicles. Now just mass clone Fredakyns and send towards your enemy, yes they get taken out quicly but have you seen the damagte these clones can do to lazer tanks, assault tanks, devastators etc.. etc.. before they get taken out, and adding in some real men and alot of clones for your bases defense rocks.

Enjoy it, and it costs you nothing.

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I have one rule when i go into combat :)

I place Scouts all over my base to spot cloaked units so those Projections won't do squat to me :)

I found out that you often win a game by 'Squeezing' (a Cataclysm slang) what you do is you watch your enemy's activity then build a force to counter it... keep doing this and use your own force for hit and run...... remove harvesters and dominate spice fields (or set traps) this means he losses money as he can't harvest and he losses even more money as you destroy anything he builds :)

Squeezing also doesn't necessary mean you have to assault the base..... you can always tighten a noose around his base limiting his options as you go :D

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Guest j0enuke

actually scouts cost 30 solaris. But One of the best counters to mass clones, are inkvines and fremen warriors (especially good against clone minos but not so good against cloaked fremen warriors tho)

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