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League of Legends (not DoTA)


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Anybody play this game? It's a free game that you can optionally invest a few dollars to buy certain champions that you don't want to spend the ingame currency on, and various skins for each champion.

It's based off of DoTA mod from Warcraft III and is very fun! Sign up and queue with me (Acriku) as I am usually on late nights and my off days.

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[colour=#005FFF]Sorry for performing a bit of thread necromancy, but I've only just recently got into this game. :)

I used to play DotA; not for very long, perhaps a month or so. But during that time, it was more or less all I played. I stayed up days on end playing this game, which wasn't even really a game; just a specially modelled map in Warcraft III. It gave birth to the whole MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, however; the two main titles are League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of Newerth (HoN).

I've not tried the latter, but I can say that League of Legends is better than DotA ever was. I've managed to keep my playing of it more or less in line (he says at 4:40am after an all-night LoL session), but the improvements are noticeable.

As Acriku said, it's entirely free to play. There's a micro-transaction system in place where you can buy "RP" (Riot Points, paid-for currency). These can be used to purchase alternate character skins (completely cosmetic, no effect on gameplay) or packs that give you bonus multipliers for gaining XP or "IP" (Influence Points, in-game currency). Just about everything can be bought using IP or RP, with a few things being RP only. None of them effect gameplay in any way, so the people you match up against will have exactly the same abilities available as you. I, for one, plan to never spend a single penny in this game, but it's still a ton of fun.

I encourage everyone to come and give this a shot. If you're interested, and you wouldn't mind doing so, you could use my referral link to make a free account. If you reach Level 5 (which is pretty easy), then I get a bonus of something or other. :)

Here is my link: Sign Up

If you're just interested in taking a look, here's a link to just the game's website: EU Site | US Site[/colour]

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