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You can also use wooden blocks, planks and sticks, but those obviously process less. Nowadays you can also use obsolete wooden tools as furnace fuel, if you still got some lying around after switching to stone or iron tools :)

Oh, and in case you find no coal, you can 'bake' blocks of wood into charcoal, which acts identical to coal :)

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Oh yeah. And if you're willing to sacrifice 3 iron for it, you can even use a bucket of lava as fuel, which is bound to bake a whooole ton of goods while you're off mining, exploring or building (as long as you don't go too far, of course, as I already said).

Wish they'd give back the bucket though :(

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Lava can be placed in a furnace in a bucket to be substituted for coal. Its burning time is 1000 seconds, compared to 80 seconds for coal (lava smelts 100 blocks, coal smelts 8). Since 1.3, you retain the empty bucket.

More then 64 ^^. And the bucket remains apparently. Hmmm, after visiting the nether, no use for coal and wood any more then :)

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Anyone of you tried the pre-sets yet? I like the dessert one, it still has plenty of resources and food. You can enchant your stuff even faster then in normal maps. However, you are required to keep moving in one direction.

You eventually can have wood, cobblestone, stone, golden apple's, a nether portal, and various wools are still possible :). In matter of fact, the dessert journey game's are better then normal ones. And dungeons are easy to be found like gaps in the ground.

I also tried the self terminating worlds. where sand falls down and you only have floating villages. System crashes after 10 minutes.

Where 1 layer is activated TNT. System crashes after 5 minutes.

Or where 1 layer is planted tree's that start growing. System crashes after 7 minutes. But damn, that world was cool :)

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