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Ordos mission 6

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Yeah  :-

But I start with one, don't have to capture...

Order reinforcements by starport to defend it.

also, in one of them where the starport is next to the base, in the lower left corner near the beginning there is a small hole, patch it with walls and the reinforcements will go around your base.

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at start of game  build 2 wind traps and 2 refineries.  make light factory  build 4 - 5 raiders and put them  on left side of your base to stop enemy reinforcements (mainly infantry, once gets trike and quad)  build something near starport. use starport for  taking  reinforcements, buy tanks quads and missile tanks. you must defend starpport for 30 minutes.  you can go  suicide  mission  i.e  sell walls , sell construction yard , sell outpost and wind traps and turrets for money. purchase  mcv and keep purchasing units.  but  dont go mad, leave some cash for  build wind trap and barracks and train engineer.. when 30minutes expire attack atreides  first.

if you have map where starport is too far from base.  you must  react  quick. mainly same as above 2 or 3 wind traps and 3 refineries, heavy factory and light factory. mainly use starport  as its  important bulding

by the way  this mission is reversed version of harkonnen mission ,  but there is not atreides but smugglers (in harkonnen missions where is needed to capture or destroy starport)

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at start try to defend bottom. you may build few quads for harvester hunting , first  hunt for atreides harvesters later harkonnen.  atreides is easy to destroy.  they dont have spice store  so if you wipe their refinery they wont rebuild it.

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