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Anyone have the Children of Dune mini-series soundtrack CD?


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I need to know if there is any mention, on the cover or in the liner notes, of <i>The Dune Encyclopedia</i> or the names Alan S. Kaye and/or John Quijada.


(There were several soundtrack threads, but apparently nothing newer than 2003 or so...)

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Thanks, Khan, and yes, MrFlibble, it is. ;)

Is it common knowledge that Tyler plagiarized the Fremen (=Arabic) lyrics from <i>The Dune Encyclopedia</i> (article on the Fremen Language written by Kaye & Quijada) and claimed to have gone through FH's books and found the words for the lyrics himself?

The problem with this story of course being that ONLY TWO of the words in his Fremen lyrics even appear in the Dune books. Kaye was an expert in Arabic at Fullerton and Quijada was one of his students at the time when McNelly approached Kaye about writing something on language for the <i>DE</i>. The Fremen poem is real, if slightly modified, (Egyptian) Arabic. Tyler's English lyrics bear no relation to the actual meaning. He also added some gibberish to his lyrics, probably to make the words match the music better.

Even though it's old news now, I'm a bit TICKED off, especially seeing how KJA tried to pass off some complete gibberish as Fremen in the <i>Winds</i> travesty. (That new "Chisra Sala Muad'Dib" name for Caladan.)

Grrrrrr.  >:(

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it doesn't explain him claiming that he had gone through and put the lyrics together on his own, not when they are there in the book. :(

Did he claim it himself? From the text I read in your blog, I had the impression someone else wrote th description you quoted. Or maybe this guy has the level of arrogance matching (or even surpassing) that of KJA :O

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The statement to that effect was actually written by CoD director, Greg Yaitanes. It is included in the CD liner notes and on the CoD soundtrack page on Tyler's website. If it was a misunderstanding on Yaitanes' part, Tyler has had more than ample opportunity to rectify it.

Instead, he has allowed it to spread across the Internet. It's a lie, pure and simple.

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Aye, but he changed it only in one line (and repeats it once towards the end) but left it unchanged in another, where he adds some gibberish I can't make heads nor tails of (and repeats that as well).

(Besides ... nishuf has meaning: ni-shuf "we-see". Nushif evidently means "dried", according to Google translate. Also:


1. cure

2. dry

3. scorch

4. tumble dry

5. wipe

Lovely sentiment that, what? "She is tumbled dry...." Inama nushif! :P

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Um ... depends on your interpretation of "wiped", no? :P

I sent a neutral/relatively-polite-for-me inquiry to one of the contact email addresses on Tyler's website around noon Tuesday. No acknowledgement or response thus far...

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