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The Last Decade

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Has the wii controller been updated for more realistic virtual movement? If they could give a greater user experience for the wiimote, I would totally hook up a wii entertainment system.

Sorry, went waaay off topic.

Well, for America, I would have to say it was 9/11, indeed it's impact was not just felt in America. The ramifications of it have and still will be felt for many decades to come. honestly, It seems that it has permanently seared America's psyche. Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest moments in American history as well.

The growing consensus of Global Warming's existence is another big moment in this decade. It's funny. Though global warming has been talked about for decades, it has never been taken seriously by most people in the world until this decade.

Another important moment in this decade is the Iraq War. It's impact on the muslim world, and the blowback that it has and continues to cause will continue for many years.

Probably the most horrific event of this decade was the Great Tsunami of 04. The damage done and the amount of death it left in it's wake is awe-inspiring in it's sadness.

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