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A Bunch of New Maps


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I have made 13 skirmish maps so far, and too many to keep posting 4 at a time in single posts, so i have added them into a pack containing them all

Some of the maps have been updated so as not to be so shit.

(some of them had mountains in desert resulting in uglyness)

that has now been fixed.

I have attached screenshot of mini map images from the skirmish gui



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I don't know if it is included, I have simply taken this mappack. If you want your map included, you can always email it to me. You can create maps with the map editor (see forum).

The new version will be more friendly for skirmish map files. (fyi: you don't need to name the filename mapxx.ini, etc).

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  • 10 years later...

It was a map called 4 corners, 4 players.

Mountains as a cross, 12 thick, so no rocket launcher madness.

The buildable area was something like 18x18 and the spice ring would have been 7 thick.

Simple and humble I guess. The AI went very bad though.

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