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Dune 1 licenses/source code

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Hi all. Since the Dune Revival topic is intended to be strictly technical and the Dune II Source/Download topic talks about Dune II licenses, I thought to open a thread specific for Dune Cryo game licenses.

While in the Dune Revival thread was written that DreamCatcher owned the rights for the game, I noticed that in reality all Cryo intellectual properties have been bought by Microids exactly one year ago (see this page on their website). I also found out that they made available again for sale Cryo games such as Mega Race 3. So yesterday I wrote them a mail to ask if they were intentioned to republish also the Dune games (including continuing the development of Dune Generations), and if there is the possibility that they release the source code for Dune 1, since it's an abandonware title.

At the moment they didn't answer me, but I will keep you informed. Also, feel free to email them on the same topic... maybe if they see that there are some more fans asking they'll get interested smile.png


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I doubt you'll get an answer X_x

Well, I think it worths a try. Sending mail costs nothing ;)

also, why did you colour the links?

Sorry, I post on another Dune board which gives the same colors to both links and normal text, so I usually change color... I guess I've become unaware of this habit :-[ I modified the links  :)


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Still no answer from Microids... maybe I mailed the wrong sector, I'll try with others. Meanwhile, I asked Byron Merritt about gaming rights of the Dune franchise and, as I understood it, the Herbert LLC has no voice in this matter. All decisions should be up to Paramount which owns the rights for the new Dune movie, and, along with that, for Dune games. The strange thing is why Paramount would also be able to decide for past games like those of Cryo or Westwood (I guess that's because those games were licensed by Universal, which owned the rights at the time of the Lynch's movie, but they sould have been released by now).


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My 2 cents:

I have contacted EA via several ways, and so far all they can tell me they don't own the rights to Dune2 (neither distribution nor license). Additionally, they cannot (or don't want to) tell me who does own the rights. I still have a few ways to walk within EA, but so far there is no worth-writing-about reply coming from them.

(When I say EA, of course, I also mean EA:LA, which is the old Westwood (via an indirect way)).

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what about Dune 2000 and Emperor though? These games are also pretty much abandonware... would be great if they released em :P

As I wrote before, all rights for past, present and future Dune games, are now property of Paramount. And seeing their attitude towards fan-made media (Mediteatro Dune movie, Second Life Dune server, etc.), I think they will not be very open minded in releasing old Dune games, both those of Westwood and Cryo. Certainly, I can't understand *why* they maintain this aggressive attitude towards Dune fans... With other franchises distributed by Paramount, such as Star Trek, they seem to be more tolerant. The only reason I can come up with is that until their new movie isn't released, they want to protect their interests from products which could possibly draw attention away from them.

Nevertheless, I would like to hear also Microids who actually owns Cryo IP in this matter, to see if they confirm this story... So I'll keep trying mail them.  ;D


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I think they'd only increase interest in the franchise by releasing old Dune games as freeware...

The only question is, who's interested in this? Because of the tricky copyright situation, Herbert Limited Partnership, the guys who'd be the first to profit from anything bearing the name Dune, cannot do anything at all for the old Dune games to be released as freeware. And since no one in the game-making industry currently owns any right to the Dune franchise, then no one can profit from increasing interest to it.

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Once again, the guys from HLP who are most interested in the popularity of the Dune franchise can do nothing about the games, as they have no rights to them (as far as I know, that is). And those who do own the rights ATM have no interest in making Dune more popular, as they'll earn nothing from it. That's really a stalemate situation here, and it may change only if a new Dune game will be in the works.

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I apologise for necroposting, however I have additional news that adds to this. The Microids website utilises Metaboli to distribute it's digital services, but it's noted that no sign of Dune exists on the website. I emailed Metaboli under the belief that they are a part of Microids and I received a response from the CEO/Co-Founder of Metaboli. The email is as follows (including the original):





Following your email below, I just wanted to let you know Metaboli is not the owner of any IP from Cryo or MC2 unfortunately.


Best regards


Pierre Forest

CEO / Co Founder


Attention nouvelle adresse : 1 bis avenue de la République

75 011 Paris

+33 1 44 90 86 44

+33 6 16 54 66 87








Von: Hiroshi T'sumai <>
Datum: 18. April 2013 15:28:59 MESZ
An: Business <business@metaboli.fr>
Betreff: Intellectual Property Enquiry

In 2008 Microids bought up Cryo Interactive Entertainment, and they stated that they'd distribute Cryo games digitally, and would continue development based on Cryos' IP. Microids then merged with MC2 France, and their Canadian division was bought by Ubisoft, but This did not include a transfer of any Intellectual Property.

Then MC2 France officially relaunched the Microids brand and following that was when they acquired Cryo Interactive Entertainments' Intellectual Property in 2008.

My Question is:
Since you own the IP that originates from Cryo Interactive Entertainment, and you originally stated that you'd distribute their games digitally and would continue development on them, do you plan on, or ever plan on:

  1. Putting their games up for sale Digitally. Great games such as Dune, do not appear on your website as available for purchase.
  2. With the success of reinvented games from various companies (Such as Tomb Raider from Square-Enix), now would be a good time to reinvent any IPs you have that could be successful. With this in mind, do you think you might ever consider reinventing and releasing a new Dune game?
  3. Failing either of the previous aforementioned points, what are your plans concerning the original Cryo IP? If you don't plan on developing them, or selling them as products, does this mean you're considering selling the IP so another company can take the opportunity to instead?

As you know there is a valid market for retrogames. They proved to be so popular despite their age, that they were eventually officially recognised and are now sold through online distribution services. Be it original NES games through the Nintendo network, or Playstation classics through the PlayStationNetwork, the games continue to generate income and are even reinvented because of the nostalgia that many fans have attached to the games and the characters.

I don't know if I'm aiming this email in the right direction, but I hope for an informative response soon.

I Thankyou for your time.

So I looked a little deeper, and realised my mistake. For Microids had been acquired by Anuman, who inherited all the IP and licenses, however it was in the same year that Anuman was also acquired by Media-Participations, so there's the possibility that the Dune game IP might be owned by, a French Comic Publisher that was created by, a French Politician. There is no mention of them obtaining the IP, and Anuman still appears to exist, so I guess both of them should be emailed the query.


I note that in other threads other companies have been suggested, like EA, however I was unable to ascertain what brought you to that conclusion. Let me know if possible into the details, as I'm also interested in finding out what happened to the IP. If the IP was simply lost through all the merges and transfers, then it'd be interesting to see what kind of response the IP Office would give in such a situation.


Edit: I have emailed Anuman and Media-Participations also. There is of course the possibility I'll never get a response, since both companies might not be able to read an email written entirely in English, but here's hoping for a good response.

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  • 7 years later...

Hi all,

Many years later, I found this post and would be interested to know if anyone has any update regarding this. I really like these games (Especially the first Dune) and was looking the source code... 

Looking forward to your answers! Thanks!


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