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"Generic" map/scenario editor using doon lunacy / libeastwood map seed generator


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I started on cleaning up the MapSeed class in Doon Lunacy the other day and I'm now in the process

of adapting it to fit with the library and create a python binding class for it..

So related to this, I'm wondering if there's someone out there who'd have the interest in creating

a map editor based on this?

What I'd want for this is a map editor for creating "old" dune 2 maps and also for creating new and

more advanced maps for use with doon lunacy and any other dune 2 "clone" out there who'd have the

interest in sharing such a map format.

So any takers? The map editor would be written in python (C++ using the c++ library would also be fully possible, but using the python bindings for the library would be preferable), so shouldn't be too hard for most with some programming skills in hand,

and I'd would of course most certainly help out on this. smile.png

Well, just checking interest.. smile.png

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OD2 codebase may be usable for a map editor, one of the older SVN rev can definitely work for a scenario viewer tho (and older revisions will work for a seed map viewer).

There was a point where OD2 could load/display all scenarios fine, but there was no internals to making anything go

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yupp, that would be pretty use to put together, OD2 and libeastwood uses pretty much the same code (with revisions from different times though).

As I see it, segra seed generator etc. is probably the cleanest and best pick, while the much cleaner and feature packaged libeastwood for much of the rest.

I think pretty much just the seed generator stuff, and some scenario stuff in libeastwood is what's missing from creating such  a tool. Ie. it's already integrated in doon lunacy and OD2 already, but the right way that it would have to be done IMO, is creating python bindings for these remaining things, then it would be a breaze writing in python, :)

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