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libeastwood 0.3 released!


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I've just released libeastwood 0.3 :D

So... yeah, I've finally finished up my work on this release which is the first release that's of "okay" quality, of possible interest and actual use to others. ;)

As most people in here are Windows d00dz, I regret not offering a Windows built at this time,

and there's also a tiny bit of work that needs to be done to get it built on Windows as well..

This work should be fairly issue I *think*, for the actual source itself I think there's only

one part of windows specific code that's untested and needs to be verified, then there's

some minor CMake portability issues with building of the python bindings (they should probably

build just fine with setuptools run on it's own and not from CMake..). So any cool kids out

there that would be willing to help me out on this one? :)

And so for the actual details...

quoting the README:

This library is developed mainly with support for Dune 2 data to use by the

Doon Lunacy (http://launchpad.net/doonlunacy) project in mind.

The library is none the less written in a generic manner to make it flexible

and useful enough for others as well, providing SDL classes, python bindings

& a command line tool based on the bindings to handle these data formats.

The library currently supports the following:

* Archiving:

** reading and writing of PAK format

* Graphics:

** reading of ICN + MAP format

** reading of CPS format

** reading of SHP format (for both formats used by Dune 2 demo & other versions)

** reading of WSA format (for both formats used by Dune 2 demo & other versions

  and also (untested) WSA 2 format used by later Westwood games)

** reading and writing of PAL palette format

** writing to BMP format

** pixel art scaling using scale2x, scale2x3, scale2x4, scale3x & scale4x algorithms

* Audio:

** reading of VOC format

** reading of ADL format (XMI, C55 & PCS in the works...)

** several different OPL emulators, hardware OPL & disk writer plugin for midi playback

** writing to WAV format

** sample rate conversion using Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate)

* Other:

** reading of text string format used by Dune 2 (ie. CREDITS.ENG, TEXT.ENG etc.)

** assembly & disassembly of EMC "script" format

** reading of FNT format for font rendering

** reading of DOS MZ format & various data structures used in DUNE2.EXE

** reading and writing of Dune 2 INI format

Full support for encoding to most of these formats is either planned or already

in progress. Some of the formats also still lacks classes in the python

bindings implementing the C++ library, but most will eventually be provided

in the bindings where feasible...

Support for data formats used by other Westwood games such as ie. C&C is

planned, while support for other non-Westwood formats is fully possible

if code and/or resources for implementing is provided.

If you'd like to help out working on this or any other details you'd have

interest in, I encourage you in creating your own branches @

http://launchpad.net/libeastwood and proposing your code for merging,

this is the definitely best way of contributing to and participating in this

project, but patches on their own are always cheerfully accepted as well! :)

Greetings and great thanks to everyone at the Dune Editings forums @

http://forum.dune2k.com for providing great information and constantly helping

out reverse engineer these games! :O)

Copyright © 2009 Per �yvind Karlsen <peroyvind@mandriva.org>

and NEWS:

Version 0.3 - 13 October 2009, by Per �yvind Karlsen

* api and code in general cleaned up a *LOT*

* python bindings and command line tool added

* library is no longer dependent on SDL, SDL support is splitted into a separate libSDL_eastwood library

* support for scale2x, scale2x3, scale2x4, scale3x & scale4x pixel art scalers added

* parsing of DOS MZ format + reading of DUNE2.EXE data structures added

* several other OPL emulators added

* support for writing to and creating PAK archives added

* support for writing to PAL format added

* writing to WAV & BMP format added

* support for several resamplers added

* support for assembling and disassembling of EMC format added

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proyvind, in case you don't know, the WSA format is different in v1.0 and v1.07. Also, some SHP files in v1.07 also use a new format, even though the old format from v1.0 remains in use as well (the WSA files from v1.0 are not supported by v1.07 IIRC).

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