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Help me plz!


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-las tanks rock for attacks

-kobras rule at defense

-AA troopers are hark troopers that make a slight sacrifice of firepower to gain speed and accuracy, a good trade

-Deviators are great for harvester hunting

-mortars are okay, but innacurate (I still prefer kindjals and snipers)

-chem troops are very, very cost effective

-AA troops are dest for AA (the most cost efficient)

-the Ordos are better on Arrakis maps

-las tanks kick ass against the harks.

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Guest Lord Hsin

I usually build a windtrap then a factory then a hangar and uprgrade the hangar. I make more buildings and at the same time, make 20 dust scouts and 5 lasertanks as well as three advanced carryalls. Since dust scouts take no time at all and the advanced carryalls can pick up heavy tanks, the enemy usually doesn't have a chance.

PS- You can only do this if you start with 30000 cash!

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Here's how I'd rank the 3 light vehicals:

#1: buzzsaw (dual light cannons whereas the others only have 1; the only one that can "ram" infantry; immune to leech larvea)

#2: dust scout (can hide in dust bowls)

#3: sand bike (no special abilities, but the least expensive of the 3)

-Remeber, they all have the same primary weapon: the light cannon (good vs. infantry, okay vs. light vehicals, bad vs. heavy vehicals)

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