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This game dead, that is a very funny thought.

If people aren't playing this they are either following the many Dune RTS mods out there due to them remaking the things we love about this game and more.

I for one am remaking this for C&C Renegade, ever wondered what this game would look like in first person? I did and so me and team of modders are working hard to making that dream and realility! It's people like everyone here that keeps this game alive and many like it.

A community is stronger than a dev team or studios who made it backing it up, just remember that.

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Hey guys how you been? I know i been away for awhile and this is an older game but it sounds like very few ppl talk other then typing in game? or is there a group that chats on a Vent/TS or phone for group play anyway lemme know id like to get back into the swing WoW has gotten BORING!!!

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haha, sendakon. nice to see you. the first thing  i remember when i came to emp, was a game with you and brennq wich i was watching. and brennq was working out the kamikaze sard-rush for 1vs1 games :) i havnt installed it right now, but i play from time to time. ill try to give it a go tonight. see you


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We dont need these noobs playing, kindjal. Shut up. and back to ur spot. lol,

We got Harkdawg and Gunwounds playing this game and it is the important to us.

Rest is rest.

Sender : The master of masters, better than Master yoda, and stronger than Kakashi hatake = ME  ::) The Great Youki-sama  ;D


late ladies.  :P

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