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Maps are 63x63 instead of 64x64


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Hey Stefan,

Today I noticed the skirmish map you supplied says the map data is in a 64x64 matrix, but it's actually a 63x63 matrix. Also, the game doesn't add an extra row and column to the map. When I make the matrix 64x64, the game ignores the last row and column. Did you do this intentionally or is it a bug, as 64x64 sound more logical to me.

Mr. nagger signing off  :P

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Ah, this is not really a bug, it is to support Dune 2.

Dune 2 has 64x64 maps, but the first and last rows/columns are not shown.

So basically you have 1,1 till 62,62. (fixed)

D2TM is 0-63 based. But it simply does not show row/column 0 and 63. The reason is to make fluid entrances for reinforcements (instead of 'popping up' at the borders, but make them 'walk in' the map.

When the engine is modified to support larger maps this means that a 128x128 map is actually 126x126 (1,1 till 127, 127).

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Ok, the reinforcements thing sound logical to me.

So if I'm correct, the game uses map data with dimensions 64x64, but you don't see the first and last row/column. But then I still wonder why the data provided in the skirmish map is 63 rows of 63 characters. Does the came just 'make up' the last row/col as it doesn't matter what it is?

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