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need OS for new SYS

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32 Bit Operating systems can only handle a maximum of 4GB of RAM (including your Graphics Card) with normally only 3GB visible.  Your best bet, if you want the full whack out of your RAM for gaming, is to get Vista Home Premium 64-Bit, or Vista Ultimate 64-Bit.  Both are a bit pricey, and if you're going to spend the money anyway, I'd get Ultimate.

Or, if you have the time to wait, I'd lay low until Windows 7 comes out.  It's what Vista was meant to be. :)

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my friend have a pc center and will lend me the cds or sell them cheap

for now ill go  vista 64  i see scar eyes  here recommending  the home premium

as he is a master for me i  follow his visions so ill get home premium

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