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Modifying Weapon Burst Count


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When I tried to make the Harkonnen Flame Tank fire the Assault Tank's turret,

it fires many rounds continuously just as it does with the flame weapon.

Similarly, assigning the Missile Tank's turret to the Assault Tank will result in the Assault Tank

firing a single missile every time.

I have perused the Rules.txt file, but there seems to be no entry to modify the Burst count of weapons.

What should I look into?

Thank you! ^_^

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Aw... just as I suspected. Changing the number of weapons a unit can carry

(number of turrets) seems impossible within Rules.txt too. xD

How I miss the easy times I had with Red Alert. hahaha

So this means that I should learn more about the Arts file and the resource files.

Thanks for your replies, Dunenewt and Apollo!

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It is possible to change the flame tank and the flame trooper multi-fire aspect but you have to manually edit the xbf so that the fire sequence is reduced to the number and frequency required, I did this during development of my EBFD mods. You can also disable the graphic sfx of firing which is needed for models like the ATR DUke Atreides unit which flashes four times but only fires twice (before the cycle repeats). This was also how I removed the flame effects from flame trooper, gas trooper and flame turret.

It takes trial and error and unfortunately I have forgotten how I did it, but if you download my last mod you could look at the units and see what I changed.

The biggest issue is that the XBF editor did not allow any real editing of animation bones or adding bits to models (you could delete bits).

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