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My (miserable) attempts in dune2 editing


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However, i wonder why fremen worms attack atreides units, in this case.

IF you play as Fremen they also eat your own units.

And why do they prefer player units over enemy ones?

Because their hunting area is the player's revealed terrain :P

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Very nice suggestions, Windwalker. I look forward to your mod.

Deviator: Will launch small misiles rapidly over an extreme range. Player will not be able to build or order them from starport. They will be expensive and slow to build, even for the cpu. So no more gas thing.

I actually had the same idea when i started doing my Super Dune II Second Edition. The unit was called "Stinger", but it didn't make to any release of the project.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way left to them for fremen. Which should have been superior to emperors troops. I may try to change the raider trike to fremen, however this will be the final touch if i can.

I've successfully converted the Raider Trike to Sardaukar Trooper in Dune 2 eXtended. The only thing is, it still explodes with a wheeled vehicle explosion animation when destroyed. And when a vehicle runs it over, this vehicle gets mighty damaged (or even destroyed completely) - which is good for the Sardaukar, actually ;) I think something like that was implemented in Dune 2000.

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hmm... death animation is a specific unit option in C&C1... but if you just copied the complete trooper data, I guess that in Dune II it's another thing inside that elusive unit.emc file...

oh btw, the fact you made a trike crushable... do you know if that was just a result of changing the movement class, or if it was triggered by the other data you copied?

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I have no idea actually, but I think it's the result of movement type change - same as the unit got the ability to move over mountains, and used the walking animation sequence (the thing which makes vehicles explode if you give them Foot movement type - it forces to cycle through nearby animation frames within the SHP, and once the explode animation is reached, the unit gets destroyed. Which makes me think this is the reason why units that crush the Sardaukar Trooper get damaged too - the destruction of a unit is somehow connected to the specific type of animation. These things are wired inside UNIT.EMC, no doubt - I remember something similar was in BUILD.EMC, even though I didn't try to edit anything of that kind there).

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Today was full of work and i am still at work too. So not much development.

But i have already changed many tracked movement type to wheeled already. So possibly the burning down animation for tanks and siege tanks will go away seemingly.

The -get damaged when crushed- option seems wonderfull. Not that there are many vehicles that can do so in my mod, but its still tempting. And the possibilty to modify the raider trike to some serious infantry power (for fremen or sardokar) is quite tempting.

This week i am going to have a break at work for about 5 days, in which i hope to at least complete my level design.

After which i can go on with my experiments.

Thanks for all the support guys!

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Heya everybody!

Been away for a while as my mother had an operation, now she is fine and i am back to work.

Today i made some more playtests in first 4 levels and tried to make an interesting 5th level. To emphasise more on infantry, i made it more like a reinforcements war; with almost all reinforcement being infantry. I will try to show the first sardokar here; I hope this level will have a distinctive playstyle too.

I played it for once, and not to the end of it as work got huge again suddenly, but up to part i played it was nice, forcing me to use some harvesters to crush infantry. It suddenly became a twofold gameplay of using my reinforcements to attack enemy base while trying to defend at the same time.

Hope to finalize it tomorrow and move onto next level. After all levels done, i will get into mentat image thing.

Btw i am happy concrete bug is fixed! I can imagine the relief MrFlibble! Oh-btw-i will try to do the same sardokar thing as in d2ext. of yours, if you would aprove.

Wind out.

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