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Former Westwood Studios people form new company


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Adam Isgreen, Rade Stojsavljevic, and Brett Sperry, all formerly of Westwood Studios, have created a new company which will produce games for the PS3, Wii, x-Box 360 and iPhone, called Jet Set Games. To find out more, visit their website here. It doesn't look like they'll be producing any new Dune games, but as they helped bring us many Dune games in the past, such as Dune II, let's hope all goes well for them.

In other news, Examiner.com has named Dune as one of their '10 Great MMO Settings', saying:

'Why aren't more games based on Dune? It's amazing, really, because Dune had it all: political intrigue, spaceships, magic and great lines like "Father, the sleeper has awoken!"

But, other than putting down the blueprint to how to make a modern real-time strategy game, they haven't done much with this great piece of intellectual property. But I'm sure there are legions of people foaming at the mouth over the idea of a Dune MMO.'

No mention of the cancelled game Dune Generations in the article, but we can still hope there will be a Dune MMO in the future.

Mania.com has named Frank Herbert the 9th best Sci-Fi writer, with such writers as E.E. 'Doc' Smith, Asimov, and the usual suspects. I'm sure we all agree he should be higher, but to check out the rest of the list check here.

Finally, the Battle for Dune game based on the Renegade engine has made it into Moddb's Top 100 of 2008.  Voting has now closed, but we wish them luck in the competition, and its good that all their hard work has been noticed by such a well known website.


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Herbert definately should be higher (and I'm not just saying that because I'm on a Dune forum), and Heinlin much lower. Frankly the list proves to be worthless if it doesn't include in the top 10 Wells, Verne and Burroughs. Just because they wern't handing out awards like candy when they were around...

The only spots he got right were 1 and 2

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