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What 'DID' Lynch get right in his Dune movie?


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Costuming and sense of 'duniness' generally (there are exceptions)


The Baron - hammy and unintentionally hilarious

The Doctor - come on Lynch

Feyd-Rautha's stupid get-up that runs completely contrary to the general Harkonnen look

Music is really off

Just doesn't feel quite right

Far too little Rabban

and so on...

So, on the whole, a pretty poor film by my merits, however, it did introduce me to Dune and I do like the look for most of hte time, so for me 2.5/5, heavily tinted by nostalgia.

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Well when I first was exposed to Dune, it was to the Scifi mini series, which to my opinion was decent. After reading the books I then saw this movie. While I didn't like some of the liberal changes made by Lynch (cat milking, weirding models, Paul is really God), I feel the costumes pretty much fit the setting as well as most of the actors (I still think mini series Paul was better than Lynch Paul though, maybe the same with Gurney).

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Wow. After reading this thread i feel so young. :P I'm one of those that hate the movie ( and also the miniseries). I'm aware that making a Dune adaptation is extremely difficult, but none of those made is worth watching. People in general don't wanna see just a movie version of the book, they wanna see a movie in it's own right, while still being faithful to the book. And you can't make Dune a 2 hours movie, i think it would need a trilogy of movies based on the original book. But who's gonna finance that? That would cost a LOT of money... that's why i don't have high expectations about the new movie in development hell.

Back on topic, some scenes were entertaining and well made. But the plot was too hard to follow for people who never read the book. Hell, it was hard to follow even for people who did read the book.

This is another thing that i noticed from the movie, the miniseries and even the videogames. Why is Gurney depicted as an old fart? The original character in the book is not that old, and has a lot of hair. I almost died laughting when i saw Patrick Stewart as Halleck.

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How dare you insult Sir Patrick Stewart, heathen?!


I didn't insult him, in fact, i'm a big Star Trek fan, but seriously, why is Gurney Halleck always an old man? The movie, the miniseries, the videogames, he's always old. But he's exactly the opposite in the book. I hate that. And as much as i like Patrick Stewart, he is just not the right actor to play Halleck. And don't tell me you didn't laugh when you saw a bald actor play Gurney.

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