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I'm not sure you can use the stealth ability,you have to mod the stealth raider,but you can't add stealth to another unit.

Stealth raider has no the byte of special case and if you use the byte of the fremen you can't build the unit.

Also you can't add temporary invisibility (the special byte of saboteur) I tried once on my quad....and then the quad has temporary invisibility AND the kamikaze ability!

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2 how do you make units invisible?

Try the Tibed utility for that. Look:  "Units" -> <any unit> -> General #2 page -> SpecialCase line -> Fremen case option (12). Thats All.

...if you use the byte of the fremen you can't build the unit...

Wrong ! I`ve built successfully any unit with fremen invisibility scecial case option (including a StealthRaider).

Does Anybody know how to change quantity of builded units per order (Like a two Stealth Fremens exits from a Atreides Palace) ... ?

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